I do a lot of different stuff. Primarily I'm an FX TD.

Currently working as Lead FX TD @ Trend VFX. The biggest VFX company in Egypt.

I also make cool - and usually small scale - projects on Vimeo using Houdini. because Houdini is the best!

I sell the files for these projects on Gumroad.

I make Houdini tutorials on CGCircuit as well. My goal with these tutorials is to be brief, packed with knowledge, and straight to the point.

In my free time, I make music.

I also make abstract art every once in a while.

That's it... that's me.


The Passage
July 2019 Breakdown

Rigid body dynamics. Realistic fire simulation, shading, and rendering. Realistic explosions simulation, shading, and rendering. Smoke simulations. As well as developing tools and HDAs for the rest of the FX team to use to efficiently produce great-looking effects.

Khayal Maata
August 2019

Rigid body dynamics. Flip Fluid setup and simulation.

April 2019

Smoke simulation, shading, and rendering. Blood setup and simulation. Rigid body dynamics.

El Badla


Blood setup and simulation.

Eugenie Nights
May 2018

Various smoke simulations.  

Afareet Adli Allam
June 2017

Smoke simulation, shading,and rendring. Fire simulation, shading, and rendering, Water, Grains, Lava, and Particles.